Posted by: R Jonathan Gewirtz | September 21, 2014

What Makes It All Worth It

Last week, I shared a special download link via twitter and facebook and some e-mail. It’s a download section from my book. Here it is for you.

This is a letter I received from someone who read it:

“I ended up reading the PDF. The style of writing is light and entertaining. I most enjoyed a concept which you mentioned in passing but that really helped me understand:

I used to think – why bother with the chumros between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur? And I used to think about ppl who all of a sudden acted so “frum” even though we all know they’ll go back to their ways shortly after, how hypocritical…

Your moshol of the sled, where the higher the starting point, the farther it will go – I really liked that.

It helped show me that the extra frumkeit we see all around us is something to respect and something with value in and of itself, not hypocritical at all

Thank you for changing my perspective. It also helps me realize why I personally *should* bother taking on something extra even tho it may not last. I had kind of given up on that….

So thank you!

Ksiva vachasima tovah!”

And THAT, makes it all worthwhile…



  1. Rereading this myself gave me goosebumps thinking about what a little perspective can do, and how often our vision is skewed by our opinions and prejudices.

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