Posted by: R Jonathan Gewirtz | December 16, 2014

Chanukah Jokes for Kids

I searched in vain for Chanukah jokes for my daughter.  All I found online were the de rigeur Jewish mother jokes with a Menorah thrown in.  So, we created a handful of original ones.  I hope you (and your youngster) like them.

1. Q: What did the oil say to the Menorah?

A: Mind if I “drop” in?

2.  Q: Why do racecar drivers like dreidels?

A: Because they can take them for a spin!

3.  Don’t mess with candles.  They can be real hotheads.

4. My friend just LOVES dreidels.  She thinks they’re tops!

5. Why can’t Menorahs hold helium balloons?  They’re too light.

and finally…

6. Q: What did the Jews cross on Chanukah?

A: The Yam Suf-ganiah!

These jokes have been brought to you by: #TheObservantJew

Chanukah Jokes for Kids

Chanukah Jokes for Kids


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