Posted by: R Jonathan Gewirtz | December 30, 2014

It Really Is Child’s Play – An Observant Jew Short

I’ll be brief.  Did you ever get frustrated that the world wants so much from you but you don’t seem to have the tools to do it?  It’s like, “How am I supposed to paint a masterpiece when I don’t have a paintbrush?!”

The Jews in Egypt were told to make bricks without straw and this stress made their slavery even more unbearable.  That’s how we can feel sometimes.  But there’s a bright spot.

The result of their stress was that the time of their slavery was reduced.  The heightened tension was part of HaShem’s plan.

It could very well be that not having the tools you think you need, not having the paintbrush to paint the masterpiece is that way precisely because HaShem wants you to use what you DO have.  Maybe, He doesn’t want a masterpiece, he just wants you to enjoy the experience of finger painting.

Life isn’t as complicated as we make it.  We don’t have to make masterpieces, we just have to find the beauty in what we have in our hands.fingerpaiting-650922


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