Posted by: R Jonathan Gewirtz | March 10, 2017

Me and Gia Marie

This is my new friend, Gia Marie. I will probably never see her again and I don’t know her last name, but here’s the story of how we met.

I MeAndGiaMariewas in Riverdale, NY, a section of the Bronx just north of Manhattan, separated by the Henry Hudson Bridge. I needed to go to Queens, so I headed south and made a loop on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

After the loop, there is a 3-way fork. My GPS told me to go one way while I thought I should go another. Being new to this, I listened to my GPS only to hear with dismay that just a few feet after the fork, it directed me to go the way I had thought, which was no longer an option.

As I eased onto the George Washington Bridge, westward into New Jersey instead of eastward to Queens, I decided I wasn’t going to get upset, even with the specter of a $15 toll for my u-turn back across the bridge into Manhattan.

“I’ll stop at the gas station in Fort Lee,” I told myself, and “I’ll maybe buy a lottery ticket. Who knows why G-d sent me here?”

This time, when my GPS told me to go left (back to the bridge) I went to the right, to the gas station I knew. I pulled up to the pump and though they pump gas for you in Jersey, I got out (to buy that lottery ticket of course!)

As I did, Gia approached the attendant and asked if he had something to which she could attach her jumper cables as her car had died in the station parking lot. Without a word, I went around to my trunk and took out a Boosterpak.

I headed to her car as she marveled that someone would have this in their car, or perhaps that I, a stranger, would help her. With a big smile, I told her I was glad to be able to help and in a few seconds her car started.

I told her that I’d bought it years before when my wife’s new car came with a defective battery and it kept dying. I bought this to keep in the car before we realized the problem.

She was overcome with gratitude. “Can I give you a hug?” she asked.

“Well,” I blushed, “My wife might not like it. 🙂 Besides, I’m an Orthodox Jew and though I appreciate the sentiment, I’ll say no thank you.” She completely understood. Then I told her my story.

“I was on my way to Queens and made a wrong turn. I didn’t know why G-d sent me here, but now I do. He sent me here to help you!”

Gia was moved, and I probably made a Kiddush HaShem (sanctifying G-d’s name by acting as He does and wants us to). But what got me was that half a dozen years ago, when my wife had this problem and we wondered why, it was all part of G-d’s miraculous plan to sanctify His name by being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing..




  1. What an amazing story!
    Wishing you a gut shabbes and a freilichen purim 🙂

  2. Love this story!! Your bitachon, as always, is inspiring. ❤

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