Who is The Observant Jew?

The Observant Jew is the title of the humor/inspiration column written by Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz.


Like a Jewish Andy Rooney or Paul Harvey, he takes in the world around him and processes it through the prism of Torah and Judaism to pick up inspiration and insights everywhere.

Want to know more about The Observant Jew?  Visit http://www.JewishSpeechWriter.com, read the weekly column, “The Observant Jew” in various magazines (or better yet, buy the book! http://www.theobservantjew.com/book) , or sign up for his weekly Dvar Torah (in English, of course) by sending an e-mail with subscribe in the subject to info@JewishSpeechWriter.com.



  1. i find your thoughts inspirational, your deeds amazing, and you write fantastically well….i still have your poem that you posted on your website….you have the skills to change the world, and you do it by reaching out each week…..keep up your good work…..and with the Ribono Shel Olam’s help we will be zocheh to the yeshuah we all need….

  2. keep up the great work….we are all so very proud of you…nothing should ever stand in the way of the things you want to accomplish

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